Colombia seeks NATO membership

Colombia's president Juan Manuel Santos seeks NATO membership in a move that has provoked strong opposition from several countries in Latin America. This report from the Argentina Independent states that:

Bolivia’s president Evo Morales described Colombia’s aspirations to join as, a “threat to our continent”. He then went on to denounce it as an act of “aggression, provocation and conspiracy” towards the “anti-imperialist” governments of Venezuela, Ecuador, Nicaragua, and Bolivia.

Earlier this afternoon it surfaced that Morales had requested an emergency meeting of the Security Council of the Union of South American Nations as regards the matter.

Nicaragua responded similarly. President Daniel Ortega lamented Colombia’s decision to engage with NATO, describing it as a “military organisation… that doesn’t serve any purpose” and whose only achievements have been “bombings, assassinations, and destruction”.

All eyes will soon turn towards what Brazil has to say on the matter.

Posted on June 4, 2013 .